Our Equipment List

♦ Digital Power Quality Analyzer

♦ Digital Harmonics Analyzer

♦ Digital Clip on Power Meter

♦ Digital Clip on Frequency Meter

♦ Digital Clip on Current Meter

♦ Digital Clip on Harmonics Meter

♦ Digital Rotation (RPM) Meter

♦ Digital Sound Meter

♦ Digital Light Meter

♦ Digital Temperature Meter

♦ Digital Humidity Meter

♦ Digital Anemometer

♦ Digital Infra red Temperature Meter

♦ Digital Thermal Imager

♦ Digital Earth Resistance Tester

♦ Digital and Analog Insulation Tester

♦ Digital Loop Impedance Tester

♦ Digital Residual Current Device (RCD)Tester

♦ Digital Prospective Short Circuit Current (PSC) Tester

♦ Digital Fault Current Tester

♦ Digital Phase Rotation Tester

♦ Digital Power Data Logger

♦ Digital Power Quality Data Logger

♦ Digital Light Data Logger

♦ Digital Temperature Data Logger

♦ Digital & Analog Slide Calipers & Screw Meter

♦ Digital & Analog Multimeter

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