Utility System Design

Utility system of an industry or any other facilities plays an important role. Utility is to be considered as the base expense for an industry. We regret to say that unfortunately most of the factories of our country are running or evolving without a properly designed utility system. They are running their plants inefficiently hence waste of valuable energy and money as well. Moreover, due to malfunction and improper design of their utility systems, they have kept so many of their employees just on the grasp of lethal hazards. Control Panel Design and Electrical Distribution system are two of the most essential and critical issues to design any system. Bitter fact is that, Majority of the panels and distribution system in industrial and residential sites were made by the civil architects for which they run the risk of a serious life threat. We provide our assistance for properly making a safe and energy efficient design for the comprehensive system. In any system design we ensure the specified standards by analyzing the potential Load flow study and other safety standards.