HVAC System Design

In many factories, industries and other facilities including commercial and residential buildings usually there is a lack of ‘proper’ HVAC system. This is because according to the geographical position of Bangladesh we experience lots of variations in surrounding atmospheric conditions like temperature and humidity. Also we have got six seasons which makes the HVAC system design even difficult. It is very common in our locality to install the HVAC system according to the vendor quotation or price list though it its very essential to think about some other issues like proper sized equipment, prevention of the probable shortcomings like electrical faults, wrong sized auxiliary equipment and so forth. An hourly computer simulation shows that efficiency improvements along with re-sizing would cut heating energy use by 63 percent and cooling energy use by 53 percent. Without re-sizing, the efficiency measures would save 54 percent for heating and 47 percent for cooling. In this case, right-sizing reduces costs for the air conditioner, heat pump, furnace and ductwork, and these savings partly offset the cost of the efficiency improvements. Better yet, right-sizing provides a 10 percent bonus energy savings otherwise not available.