Energy Audit

We cannot think a single day without energy and we don’t have plenty of it. Though we are in shortage of it, it’s a matter of fact that most of us are not aware of using energy. We waste energy in lots of ways. Nowadays it is said that “Energy is too costly to waste”. Moreover it has a great impact on our environment. The more we burn, the more we produce the CO2. The energy wasting scenario is even more serious in industrial sector especially in the industrially fast growing country like ours. Now it is high time to come forward to save energy. In this concern Energy Audit is very much useful for resource efficient & sustain able environment. Wellmake Engineering & Technology is working towards establishing an energy efficient industrial sector in parallel to the related other ones. Wellmake Engineering & Technology is currently conducting many energy audits across the country of Bangladesh at various industrial sectors such as Textile & Garments Industries, Steel & Re-rolling industries, Frozen Food industries etc.

Why Us

Wellmake Engineering & Technology is vastly experienced in industrial sector of Bangladesh. We have very clear ideas & knowledge about energy usage pattern of various industries of Bangladesh. We have also vast experienced resource person. Most of them are Certified Energy Auditor. Instrumentation is as important as experienced & expert resource person. We are very happy to let you know that we are rich in instrumentation. We have roughly all the equipments to perform a complete energy Audit maintaining the proper standard. Efficient calculation, analysis, evaluation & documentation of field data are the key to a successful and appropriate energy audit. For energy efficient measures, most of the cases it needs investments, which in turns need financial help from different financial organizations & banks. To get financial support proper bankable documentation & financial analysis documentation of energy audit. We have expert team members to help the investors in this concern.